People > Product > Process is my 3 P's in that exact order.

In my recent year i have started using AI on a daily basis, not just the casual GPT Q&A but in depth using AI API's with python. Using AI commercially with large clients and as a helping hand when i code prototypes. I have let it Automate my process to a great extend with GPT4, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Leonardo, Ideogram, Azure AI in general and many others as they emerge.
With two decades in the field—ten years in consulting and five in corporate enterprise — I've come to appreciate the accuracy of the term "too long; didn't read" (TL;DR) in business settings. My corporate years were especially eye-opening; they showed me how off-target consulting jargon can be for clients who often have a rudimentary understanding of specialized terms and processes. Busy decision-makers have no time for fluff; they want pitches that are straightforward and to the point. Simplicity and directness are not just good strategies; they're necessities for communicating effectively with these professionals
Over the last 20 years I have worked with digital touchpoints in brand engagement.
Everything from apps and game design to loyalty programs and rich web experiences.

Client experience:
( 4 years )
LEGO ( 4 years)
Bilka, Føtex, Netto ( 5 years )
Microsoft ( 3 years )
Bang-Olufsen ( 2 years )
DR (Ramasjang) ( 3 years )
Ford ( 3 years )
3 Mobil ( 3 years )
TV2, IKEA, Grundfos, Telenor, SAS, DFDS, DSB, Arla, BoConcept, Føtex, Coop, Toms, ATEA, AlmBrand, Kims, Cembrit, Hyundai and many more.
Including projects like: "Ecommerce site for the biggest toybrand in Denmark" ( UX ) "Ecommerce and omnichannel brand site for Denmarks largest retail brand" ( UX )
BilkaTogo "Drivethrough click&collect grocery shopping" ( Concept, Digtial Strategy, UX ) "Coca-Cola coins loyalty program 2006-2009" ( UI, UX, Animation )
Coca-Cola Zero launch promo website "dudes of zero", ( Animation )
Burn launch promo website
Ramasjang App ( Concept, UX, Game Design Animation and Development )
LEGO TV App ( Digital Design )
LEGO StoryStarter ( UI / UX, Development )
LEGO Wishlist Machine ( Concept, UI, UX, Design, Animation, Development and Analytics )
LEGO Boost ( Code Interface UI, UX )
TV2 Juleønsket App ( Concept, UI, UX, Design, Animation )
HAMA Universe App ( Concept, UI, UX, Design, Animation )
Bombshell ( UI, Steam, PC, PS4, Xbox one - AAA title )
Sculpto ( App design, Brand Identity )
ISO 9241-210
Human-centered design is common practice in my work. In fact, designing for kids is an significantly different approach in contrast to the adapted mobile consumer. Keeping in mind that the younger users do not necessarily recognize many of the classic interaction patterns, that is used on mobile platforms or desktop. My work on retention based applications has given me an edge in motivational design for games, apps and loyalty programs.
I possess business acumen, thriving in a busy agency setup, on a tight schedule. I prefer working towards a fully agile process on projects that are measured by user retention.

My Fields:
User Experience Design / Concept Development / Wireframes / Prototypes/Testing (7 years)
Design Sprint ( 3 years )
Digital Design ( 20 years )
Animation ( 16 years )
Programming ( 11 years )
Motion Graphics ( 10 years )
3D ( 9 years )
eLearning ( 3 years )
Game Mechanics / Gamification ( 11 years )

I own and have experience with following technologies: Arduino/ESP32,
RaspberryPI, AR, VR (OculusRift DK2 and up),  Drones and 5 3D Printers (Resin+FDM).

My life long determination in design, started at moms ad agency (Thonbo Reklame 1978-1994) articulated by my internship at an Ad Agency in 8'th grade.
I am married and have two boys at the age of 6 and 9. I live just outside of Aarhus.

In my spare time I play alot of games with friends or CSGO with the kids.
I believe every UX Designer should play alot of games.

"You never get too old to play,
but you get old if you stop playing"

- Stay humble - stay curious -

FWA - Burn (Wunderman)

Favorite Website Award - Burn (Wunderman) 

Creative Circle Shortlist : Burn - can you take the heat (Wunderman)

Creative Circle shortlist : Coke Zero Launch campaign (Wunderman)

Creative Circle Shortlist : Coke Zero Life As It Should Be - (Wunderman)

"Make the user understand,
and they will neglect the need for instructions..."
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