Digital Creative User Experience Strategist

UX Research case study
Customer Journey map
Bilka.dk UX / UI
BilkaTogo App v1
Netto Fillop UX / UI
BR.dk Skal vi lege UX / UI
B2B e-commerce
UniWorlds NFT
Mealbox wireframes
LEGO Pitch Project 2
Netto Scan&Go UserJourneyMap
LogoFolio v1
TV2 Juleønsket App
Ramasjang App - Game hub concept and design
Hama Universe App
Sculpto 3D printer Identity, packaging and App design
Arla Annual Report 2010
Ramasjang App: Rosa fra Rouladegade
LEGO® WishMachine 2012
Minitutor Codebot
CokeZero microsite 2006
No Zebra Showreel 2011
Augmented Reality for Grundfos
Coke.com 2006
Grill season - Motion Graphics
Coke.com 2005
Title Animation
3D Breaker Motion Graphics
wupti marketplace, logo, video, webdesign
Christmas Card 2015
Flash 3D boardgame with away3d and jiglib
B&O season instore video
Concept pitch
Smashing Pumpkins - 3D Carving
Fiv5D - WebGL logo
Flash 3D dice game with papervision3d and jiglib
LEGO Wishlist Machine Artwork
AAA title: Bombshell UI ( ScaleForm )
Coding Pirates - new Graphic Identity
Pirate Ship low pol model
DALI Epicon loudspeaker - 3D feature clip
Dali Fazon F5 Flash microsite
Nerdball game
Oline Multiplatform Kids Game
NoZebra Showreel 2010
Ramasjang Rally
LEGO® WishMachine 2011
3D - one
3D - two
Code Labs
Flash 11 Stage3D Scandyna test lab
Random Illustrations
Molamil showreel 2008
Housing Project
Cembrit "De Hemmelige Helte" VFX
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